PRESSURE BOOSTING SYSTEM ( Water Purifier in Trichy , Water Plant in Trichy , Water Softner in Trichy )


A pressure boosting system consists of a high-pressure pump with a controller and a pressure tank. The water pumped from the high-pressure pump enters the pressure tank, which contains a bladder that becomes pressurized, maintaining the required pressure throughout the entire system. The bladder in the pressure tank acts as a barrier between the water and the air, allowing the air to be compressed and creating the necessary pressure.
When there is a demand for water, such as when a faucet is opened, the pressurized water stored in the tank is released, providing an immediate supply of water at the desired pressure. As the water level in the tank drops, the pump automatically starts to refill the tank, ensuring a continuous supply of pressurized water.
The controller in the pressure boosting system monitors the pressure in the tank and regulates the pump's operation accordingly. It turns the pump on when the pressure drops below a set point and turns it off when the desired pressure is achieved, ensuring efficient operation and energy conservation.
Pressure boosting systems are particularly beneficial in situations where the municipal water supply pressure is inadequate, such as in multi-story buildings, large residential complexes, or industrial facilities with high water demand. They ensure that water is delivered at the required pressure to all outlets, facilitating proper water flow and avoiding issues like low water pressure or uneven distribution.
These systems can be customized to meet specific requirements, with options for variable speed drives, multiple pumps, and different tank sizes to accommodate varying flow rates and pressure needs. Regular maintenance, including tank inspections and pump servicing, is essential to ensure the system's longevity and optimal performance.
By incorporating a pressure boosting system, homes, businesses, and industries can enjoy reliable water pressure, improved water flow, and enhanced overall water distribution, contributing to a better user experience and improved operational efficiency.

* Fully automatic
* No man power to handle
* Ideal for Bunglows
* Highrise Apt.Socieities
* Hospitals
* Hotels

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